The Columbia River Watershed Festival makes science real for elementary school students.

Watershed Festival Makes Science RealThe kids learn that they are going to get their hands dirty.  And since recycling is essential, they learn an appreciation of worms and the function they serve.

“The goals of this event are to bring a bunch of fourth-grade students out here to start their year inspired by the watershed and realize the actions they take every day make a difference,” said Jenna Kallestad, education coordinator for Columbia Springs. “At this age, they are still very excited about playing outdoors, but are old enough to take actions to make a difference.”

The festival is held in a park in Clark County annually. The festival is in its 25th year.  The purpose is to get kids into nature and take advantage of their young age so they can appreciate it.

“We bring in a lot of different organizations and all work toward this same goal,” Kallestad said. “The idea is that students who have the opportunity to come out here feel connected to their local watershed. Nature is not in this far away place, it’s right here.”

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