Because of community interest in training students for viable jobs, a program for workforce development spurs a $1.2 million investment in STEM classes and training.

Workforce Development Spurs $1.2 Million Investment in STEMMidAmerica Industrial Park announced the investment in local school districts, focusing on developing STEM labs and career centers in Mayes County. These are the latest focus of MidAmerica Delivers, a workforce development and retention program.

“The recent news by Google announcing another $1 billion in capital investment, along with several other companies at our park making investments in employment and training, was our impetus for starting this program,” said David Stewart, chief administrative officer of MidAmerica Industrial Park. “We account for more than 4,000 workers in diverse industry sectors, and that number will continue to grow, so we must be able to recruit and retain workers with STEM-oriented skills.”

Students will be introduced in the labs to technologies and systems that are needed in the present day job market.  The investment will provide curriculum, infrastructure and a minimum of five years of maintenance costs.

“Ultimately, our goal is to create a pipeline of highly trained workers who possess the skills, attitudes and characteristics needed by our employers,” Stewart said.

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