The new Acceleration Station in Christian County Public Schools is a learning center on wheels where students learn through discovery. The mobile learning environment is a bus that goes to elementary schools, enabling Lea Brumfield, the gifted and talented program instructor, to work with small groups of students in a technology rich environment.

A Learning Center on Wheels“I feel like being able to come out and work with a small group of students on different challenges allows them to learn through discovery,” Brumfield said.

Among the materials the bus carries are laptops, tablets, a TV, and toys that are used to build robots.  The bus is air conditioned, with gaming chairs, wireless access, and energy-efficient lighting.  The environment is comfortable and convenient for students to learn.

“We are thrilled with how the project has turned out,” said Superintendent Mary Ann Gemmill. “We are making strides in Christian County Public Schools as we continue moving toward realization of transforming the learning environment for 21st century learning.

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