High school students are discovering that aquaponics provided a unique learning experience in their exploration of wildlife.

Aquaponics Provides a Unique Learning ExperienceAquaponics is a technique for growing plants that uses fish to fertilize plant life.  It is a unique method of planting, which could lead to future jobs.

At Skyline High School in Pleasant Grove, horticulture teacher Shawn Coyle teaches students from neighborhoods in Southern Dallas. The teens never believed that 100 catfish and 70 goldfish could replace soil.

“We have never thought that. When he brought it up, it was kind of crazy a thought,” said senior Lauren King. “How can we plant stuff with fish?”

Coyne says his class is all about innovative learning.  His main area of teaching is floral design.  However, he felt it was important to show the teens changes in the industry that that would enable them to be ready for the workforce.

“The science, technology, engineering and math….all of that different stuff comes into play,” he said. “When you get down to it, they learn the book smarts in the classes, but sometimes there’s those kids that really need to go, OK, this is how you apply it in the real world.”

The students helped to design and build the aquaponics system.  They are growing collard greens, cabbage, celery, dil, tomatoes, and several types of lettuce.

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