A group of eighth grade students are discovering that building a ukulele applies math and engineering lessons.

Building a Ukulele Applies Math and Engineering LessonsAt Canal Winchester Middle School, the four C’s are valued in curriculum.  These are critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity. Teachers have been asked to create short, innovative lessons that develop those skills.

Math teacher Sheree Daily decided to take advantage of that request to develop a lesson on building a ukulele.  Last year, a singer and Ukulele player, Grace VanderWaal was a popular sensation on “America’s Got Talent.” Daily plays guitar and knows how to play a ukulele as well.  She decided to teach math and engineering concepts through building the instruments.

The design requires planning. Also, students have to experiment with sounds that result from string tautness and the measurements of the instrument.

“Failure is only failure if you quit,” says Daily.

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