A character education unit based on Harry Potter stories proved to be the introduction of a new, STEAM based interdisciplinary program at one elementary school.

Character Education Unit Based on Harry PotterThe month long character education unit at Chancellor Livingston Elementary School in the Rhinebeck Central School District was planned during the summer months.  The main framework was the House system of Hogwarts School.  The students were in grades three through five, and the unit included a Sorting Hat Assembly, a Tri-Wizard Tournament and a closing House Cup Assembly.

“Not only was the Harry Potter unit extremely high interest for our students, but the behavioral connection it made throughout all of our Specials, within each of their unique environments, was second to none,” Principal Brett King said. “The unit provided a framework for a common language among our student body as it related to their collective positive behavior.”

The unit extended to many different areas of learning such as physical education (Quidditch Championships were part of the House Cup Assembly), cooperative working, language arts, and the musical world of Harry Potter.

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