A Chinese school includes local students from diverse backgrounds, instead of just confining their focus to local Chinese American families.

Middle School Students Are Creating Prosthetic LegsThe Jacksonville Chinese Association’s Chinese School has traditionally enrolled students who are of Chinese heritage, to keep the language alive at home. The classes are open to the community at large, and students are finding that they are proud to know Chinese words, culture, and have conversations.

12 year old Amaya Young is one of six Annie Ruth Foundation Student Volunteers who knows she is doing something special. She is one of four African American young people who spends two hours each Sunday in a classroom learning Chinese.  She is proud of the fact that she is the only one among her friends who knows any Chinese words.

“Ni hao, wo jiao Amaya Young,” she introduced herself to a visitor.

“Diversity and inclusion are a part of our core values. Because we cater primarily to inner-city families, it’s important that we offer programs that enable participants to understand the value of interacting with people of different backgrounds and cultures,” said Annie Ruth Foundation Executive Director Dee Wilcox.

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