Driver’s education for special education students has an important impact on the future of students who wish to graduate into employment. Many vocational skills require a drivers license, either for operating a vehicle or transportation.

Soft SkillsAt Derby High School, James Stark took his class on a small field trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  “When I was their age, all I wanted to do was drive,” said Starke.  Derby High School is a school for special education students where he teaches driver’s education.

Many special education students are qualified after high school to enter a vocational program in the school district.  After they finish the program, they have the vocational skills, but cannot get a job without a driver’s  license.

Since Starke began teaching 2 years ago, 10 students have received their driver’s license. Unlike typical driver’s ed programs which are private, cost around $400, and last 14-22 hours, Starke’s classes are for a full year, and are paid for by the school district.

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