An elementary school is focusing on kindness, as students are challenged to perform five acts of kindness each day throughout November.

Elementary School is Focusing on KindnessThe “21 Days of Kindness” challenge is underway at Sterling Elementary School, as students write down the five acts of kindness each day on slips of paper.  The slips will be chained together and hung in the school at the end of the month.

The challenge started with the students who organized the event explaining how it would work at a school assembly, where they were introduced as “Kindness Ambassadors.”

Students are being encouraged to find ways to be kind, beyond gifts and kind words and hugs. The idea is to encourage kids to be kind – often. Pretty much anything qualifies, such as handing a pencil to a friend, or sharing lunch with someone who forgot theirs.

The program is an effort in positive reinforcement, intended to prevent bullying and reinforce positive interactions.  27 school across the nations have used it, and it complements the school’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program.  When students are in schools with schoolwide Positive behavioral support systems, there are fewer suspensions and students feel safer and more at ease.

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