How can districts go about ensuring that all schools have great teachers?

Soft SkillsThe Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board has been addressing the task of making sure that all students, no matter where they go to school, have great teachers and lessons.

“This is what makes our schools successful or not,” board member Ruby Jones said, as a board committee worked on equitable learning policy revisions.

A major criticism of the plan that creates a diversity focused magnet lottery, giving students the opportunity to leave low performing schools, is that education doesn’t always improve by moving students.  Members of the board acknowledge this.

The plans call for broadening equal access to resources such as technology, books, and other materials.  It also calls for a focus on overall high quality teaching and rigorous instruction.  The major change is a focus on equity, instead of equality.  This opens the path to providing more support for students and schools that have the greatest need.

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