Middle schools students have been exploring heritage through sharing food.  The message for the past month from parent facilitator Octavia Randolph at Hephzibah Middle school has been “Find out where you’re from.”

Soft SkillsThe second annual Culinary Cultural Affair at Hephzibah Middle School included dozens of students who brought native cuisine to share.  Dishes ranged from Italian to Haitian to German.

“We live in a growing part of Richmond County,” said school principal Dr. Cameron Henry. “And as we grow, our cultures are evolving. It’s very important for students to evolve too and broaden their knowledge.”

Randolph has encouraged students to trace their heritage on Ancestry.com and research their culture. “This was also a way for children to become closer with their parents,” said Randolph, who has worked in the Richmond County School System for 19 years. “We want students and parents to do this together – to learn about their culture.”

Not only did the event feature food tasting, but Augusta Technical College chef instructor Drexel Clark gave a lesson on making Gullah rice and collard greens. “There’s so much culture in cuisine,” Clark said. “You know, to be able to share this knowledge means a great deal to me. Food plays a huge role in everyone’s life.”

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