Getting kids comfortable with math is a major objective of Berkeley County Schools, and they are launching a program to cultivate self esteem among students when they are working on math in school.

With Math I CanWith Math I Can is the program that has the enthusiasm of math specialists in the district. “We are asking the students to take the pledge and model it, “ said math instructional specialist Anne Laskey. “The purpose is to get kids talking about math, and that it is OK. The program is to try to change students’ mindset. We’d like to introduce the concept of exercising your brains and not being afraid of math.”

Students are challenged to take the math pledge in class.  They recite  “We will celebrate our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. We will be confident and share our thinking. We will persevere through difficult practice.” There are also “With Math I Can” posters for the classroom walls.

Teachers will be provided with lesson plans and activities after the pledges are given.  These materials will be available on the school district website for teachers and parents.

“We’re going to try to give teachers ideas that they can use in the classroom,” Laskey said. “I have a committee of teachers and administrators. We’re going to try to sustain this.”

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