A chamber of commerce is helping students look at different careers by teaming up with the local middle school to share their different job fields.

Soft SkillsThe Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce and area businesses are working with students in the belief that the sooner kids have interest in career paths the better it will be for their futures.

“One of the pieces that we look at in the middle school is trying to get the students to have an idea of their story or their future story when they leave,” said John Double, Assistant Principal at Southwest Middle School.

In January, businesses will visit the school and speak with the students about what they do.  The hope is to spark interest, and give students a reason to remain in the area after they graduate.

“The earlier you get kids engaged in occupations other than what they see on television or see going around town, the better chance you have for creating that workforce,” said Randy Kehr, Executive Director for Albert Lea – Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce.

According to Kehr, students need a blueprint for their future.

“The earlier they can do it the better, so they can plan their career path through high school on into college or a career and technical school and be ready to enter the workforce when they graduate,” said Kehr.

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