Inspiring children to learn more about agriculture is a passion of children’s book author Holly Dufek. She believes that exposing children to simple concepts of seeds, soil, lambs wool, and soft chick feathers helps them appreciate where food and clothing come from.

Soft Skills“Agriculture is vital to each person, every day,” Dufek said. “I think children should learn about the hard work, education, science, technology and equipment needed to grow crops and raise animals that provide their food, clothes, fuel, etc.”

Dufek wrote a series of books for Case IH, showing the reality of modern farming, with a focus on technology and science.  She author the series “Casey and Friends” to inspire children to learn more about farming, whether it is “visiting their local farmers market or exploring science and technology in agronomy.”

Dufek and worked in curriculum for 15 years, and found that her professional and personal background was a great asset in writing the series.

“I think working in education coupled with growing up in an ag community gave me a unique edge for writing the series,” she said. “Plus, I work with a really great illustrator who is essential in making the ‘Casey & Friends’ series fun and engaging.”

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