A bridge to another world has been established in one classroom, as Italian pen pals corresponding with American students are telling them all about life in Trento, Italy.

Italian Pen Pals Corresponding with American StudentsSpeech Pathologist Stephanie Donati has been working with a pen pal initiative at Brockway Area Elementary School with fifth graders in Alissa Carnahan’s class.  They have also been assisted by librarian Vanessa Olivio.

“The students are very excited about it,” Donati said.

Students have learned about Italian foods such as polenta and crespella, and about sports such as Tamburello.

Donati says that letter writing is “another form of communication for the students to engage in,” and strengthens their writing skills.  The students are more familiar with email and texting, so learning to write letters was also part of the lesson as well as what they learned from the Italian students.

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