Kids are satisfying their curiosity at the science fair, as they put their questions to the test.

Kids are Satisfying Their Curiosity at the Science FairDistricts set their own standards, however teachers agree that science fairs are invaluable in the benefits they provide to students.

“It’s a friendly competition, but it’s also a good opportunity for students to see what their peers are doing and how they approach different learning processes,” said Brian Butler, Bibb County district science coordinator.

Bibb County is increasing the number of students in science competitions, by offering the science fair and the Science Olympiad, where schools compete in teams.  Schools decide which students will complete science fair projects and if there is to be a school fair.  Younger students in Kindergarten through second grade do projects as a whole class, while older students have a choice of working in small groups, pairs or by themselves.

Butler believes that while testing and standards are important, the personalized lending available in science fairs is essential for students. “The students are judged on the originality of their project, how they incorporate the scientific method and how they analyze the data. The goal is to provide students with the opportunity to authentically investigate science,” he said.

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