Having friends working in the cafeteria is helping kids say yes to healthy foods in the lunchroom.

Kids Say Yes to Healthy Foods in the Lunchroom

Four Hutchinson Middle School students decided to help the kitchen staff serve lunch to their classmates, as part of the school’s Students in Action Club. “I thought serving lunch was fun,” said Bella Conn.

“It was a really good experience,”said Alexis Kern said. “They are super nice ladies. You do not understand how much they do for us.”

Fruits and vegetables are on every lunch tray and there are more raw food and scratch cooking options on the menu now that before.  They have found that not every new food is popular but it will catch on over time.  The idea was that students would try new foods if their peers were serving them.

The Students in Action Club has 32 members.  They advertised the meal with signs and posters, helping students to be curious.  They added a baconator sandwich, eggplant and the students selected strawberries and kohlrabi to serve to their classmates.

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Kids Say Yes to Healthy Foods in the Lunchroom

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