Having kids work with city planners to develop a former oil site is resulting in parks, trails, and places set aside for commercial businesses and residences.

Soft SkillsThere’s also room for fun.  Zip-lines are part of the future proposed for the Riverside North location in La Crosse, a 70 acre former Mobil Oil site.

Seventh graders at Lincoln Middle School gave their proposals to their peers and city staff.  During October, all seventh graders worked on development ideas for their social studies classes, proposing parks, statues, trails, and commercial and residential use.

Associate City Planner Lewis Kehlman was among the planning staff of the city who judged the proposals submitted by over 25 groups.  “We don’t always think about what kids want,” he said. “We want La Crosse to be a kid-friendly community.”

Students acted like developers, making specific proposals for the space.  Nearly half of the area is along an environmental corridor.

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