Fifth graders are learning about the industrial revolution through a project that kept them engaged and brought parents to campus at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin STEM Academy.

Learning About the Industrial Revolution“They are looking at the industrial revolution, but they’re looking at it from a modern standpoint,” said fifth-grade science teacher Kathryn Narvaez.

The lesson was devised by Navarez, Crystal Mineo, and Christa Wilson.  It reached across the curricular lines to include science, cooking, social studies, and writing.  Navarez said the students had worked on the project for six weeks.

“They’re tying in social studies and science because in the Industrial Revolution they’re looking at inventions, so they’ve been talking about forces in motion and tying that in with the inventions of the Industrial Revolution,” Navarez said.

The project was called the STEMPunk Carnivale, and the 65 students made booths for items they created, such as what attendees may have found at a 19th century World’s Fair.  “They have to have an invention that would have helped someone during the Industrial Revolution and that invention includes a blueprint that’s scaled so we’re tying in math with that,” Navarez said.

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