Middle school kids are learning history at a cemetery, where they are finding out about the lives of the people buried there in the years following the Civil War.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/Teaching candidates from the College of Coastal Georgia conducted a field trip for Needwood Middle School students, to help them learn about the history of the Civil War in Georgia at Brunswick’s Palmetto Cemetery.  They prepared for the project all semester.

The organizer of the project was assistant professor Sarah Hartman, who  worked with the class of 14 teaching candidates.  Their focus is on middle school students, and all are to graduate in May with a degree in social studies education.

“(My students) came out here once a week, every week, to practice, to work and to prepare,” Hartman said. “Then today’s the culminating event.”

Students traveled through the cemetery and many completed gravestone rubbings.  Teaching candidates had prepared information about individual gravestones and the person who was buried there.

Students learned about the lives of slaves who grew mulberry trees and rice, and the hardships of sharecropping.

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