There’s a different way to learn about U.S. Government and Economics – learning social studies through art. Advanced Placement art students at Herkimer High School on a visit to the village of Herkimer’s Historic Four Corners discovered that taking different approaches helps them to understand more about what they are learning.

Soft SkillsArt Teacher Heather McCutcheon is working with social studies teacher Laura Scalise.  “We have taken different approaches from the traditional social studies curriculum for these students,” she said.

The art students are learning about local government, starting with sketching – this is artistic storytelling which has educational value because of location drawing.

The students did urban sketches of the village’s Historic Four Corners.  They took pictures, and then created their sketches.

McCutcheon said, “The sketching will hopefully turn into an art piece. The students will also be working on a paper describing the local governments and their structures, using these sketches and photographs to help them with their understandings.”

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