Letting students learn at their own pace has resulted in a major shift in personalized learning in St. Regis schools.

Letting Students Learn at Their Own Pace

“It started two years ago when I first got here as principal,” said superintendent Joe Steele. “I challenged the staff to think what they want their school to be like, what the perfect school would look like.”

Personalized learning was implemented this year in sixth through twelfth grades.  Students have more responsibility for their own learning, and they move at their own pace.  Teachers are not standing at the head of the class lecturing, they are coaches and mentors who have more individual time with the kids. Personalized learning is expected to spread to the elementary grades.

The district found a free online platform that allows students to set goals, track work, and learn at their own pace.  Through personalized learning, gifted students can move through the assignments faster, while students who struggle can receive supporting help and move at a slower pace.

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Letting Students Learn at Their Own Pace