It may seem early for planning the summer, but one group of community schools is taking on the task of making summer school cool next year.

Soft SkillsSycamore Community Schools are changing the  negative perception many students have of summer school, by planning summer programs that not only address intervention but accomplishment.

“One of the things that is important about what we do is that our summer learning is truly about both intervention and achievement. Summer school is a cool place to be and we do that purposefully,” assistant Superintendent Karen Naber said.

According to Naber, the number of students in remedial or intervention classes has decreased as the number in enrichment programs increased.

“I am hoping that some of our reduction in intervention is because our teachers are doing a really good job in the classroom. We do a lot more in the classroom with students before they get to that point,” Naber said.

Last year, the district began a new summer enrichment program, Camp Intervention.  The nonprofit enrichment program for elementary students is focused on STEM and inventions

“It is STEM oriented. It was a great opportunity for kids. They were pulling stuff apart and putting it back together, using a lot of recycled materials,” Naber said.

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