Middle school students are creating prosthetic legs to learn how technology aids people with disabilities.

Middle School Students Are Creating Prosthetic LegsAt Avalon Middle School in Milton, Florida, twenty seventh graders in a STEAM elective class have designed and constructed prosthetic legs, combining computer design with hands-on construction.

“I wanted to give them a real-world problem,” said teacher Margaret Salter.

Salter has a master’s degree in biomedical science.  She is an Innovate teacher, under a professional development program in Santa Rosa County that promotes STEAM elements in curriculum.

The project involved research, artistic design, and a Power Point presentation. Students had little guidance, and used materials such as metal posts, springs, plungers, and knee braces.  Some of the designs required welding a drilling, which Salter did.

The final product was not medical grade, but students learned the theory behind the design.  Some even patterned the legs after the prototypes used in Special Olympics.

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