Middle school students are immersed in the German language and even take on the task of teaching younger students.

Next Generation Science StandardsAt Millersburg Elementary School seventh and eighth graders are learning German through teaching younger children, teaming up to read German short stories, speaking in German, and writing.  They are using iPads to assist with vocabulary and translation.

“If you act like a second-grader and know they haven’t had German class yet, it helps to bring it down to their level,” said seventh grader Zach Bontrager said. “I liked it. It wasn’t hard to prepare and we practiced (in class). I wasn’t afraid of being in front of the kids, either. Teaching them German helped me understand it (the language) better myself.”

Students created visual aids such as flash cards and posters for use in their lessons with kindergartners and first and second graders.

“They used the alphabet and basic phrases in their lessons,” said German teacher/EL coordinator Andrea Ganger. “It’s been good to take on a project as a whole group even though they were split into groups to teach. One group used phrases from songs to teach German and they were so excited.”

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