Thanks to a new emphasis on robotics, eighth graders had some fun the day after Halooween when miniature robots paraded around a classroom at North Adams High School.

New Emphasis on RoboticsEighth grade students at the school built and programmed the Lego robots.  Teacher Chris Voisin said that there is a renewed emphasis on robotics, and all grades have opportunities to work with robots.  The school offers robotics clubs at all level, as well as 13 week robotics classes.

“We are beginning to see the ultrasonic technology that is used in these robots in new vehicles,” Voisin said.

The current challenge for eighth graders is to design and program a robot, and a trailer for it to pull. According to eighth grader Lucas Crabtree, the most difficult part of the project isn’t the programming, but the design.

“We changed our design five or six times,” he said.

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