Online public library cards for students are making it easier for them to check out reading material, and use student ID numbers instead of physical library cards.

Online Public Library Cards for StudentsLibrary Go is a new program of public libraries and schools in St. Paul.  The objective is to make it easy for students to use the library’s online resources and check out materials.

The program will start being open to all students in public middle and high schools in St. Paul on November 15.  Elementary school students will have it available in January.  According to library director Jane Eastwood, plans are underway to include charter schools as well.

“Libraries are the center, outside the schools, with the most advanced technology,” Eastwood said, adding that many students do not have library cards.

Students will be able to check out most items without accruing fines for overdue items. The virtual card will enable access to all digital resources and students can check out up to five items at one time.

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