Kids were enjoying the annual Halloween Pumpkin Chunkin’ event for science at Griffin Elementary School. The annual contest combines fun with experiments and scientific and mathematical calculations.

Pumpkin Chunkin' Event for ScienceAccording to Principal Branden Chandler, students made guesses about the distance the pumpkins would fly, and how size and weight or shape made the difference.  The younger students just enjoyed the fun, but the fifth graders practiced scientific methods which they will use when they take the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness science tests

“Students can use this for science and for math,” the principal said. “Then, they can take the data they get back into the classroom, further analyze and discuss what they learned.”

Students also record their findings in journals, so there is a writing and record keeping activity as well.

Each class had two pumpkins, one large and one small.  The students had to guess the weight of their pumpkins and decide which would fly furthest. The pumpkins were shot from a yellow sling that was manned by Principal Chandler and other faculty members.

“The questions are which goes the furthest and why,” Chandler said. “They get to see if their hypotheses held true and, if not, why.”

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