Students are intent on saving the earth with STEAM power – the power of STEAM curriculum, that is.

Saving the Earth with STEAM PowerAt New Ellenton Middle School, students have been preparing a Great Escape, for the earth’s people to move to a new planet to escape rising temperatures.

Students designed rocket ship models for space travel.  They identified a new planet that could support life, and designed habitats to house Earth’s population in their new home.

New Ellenton Middle School has a focus on STEAM – science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. The students worked across different subject areas to find a new home for the people of Earth.

“The project had many levels,” said English teacher and project coordinator Kanelia Cannon. “The students worked through the questions in all of their classes and content areas.”

Students explored the trajectory of bottle rockets, researched livable planets, and examined how to develop a government for the new planet.  Art student created sculptures of habitats, and music students studied the music of “Star Wars” score composer John Williams.

“The project was interdisciplinary, and every student was involved,” Cannon said. “Students got something in every class and saw how the project all works together.”

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