A school involves parents by inviting them in at lunchtime, making it possible for them to keep up to date with what is happening with their children.

School Involves Parents By Inviting Them In At LunchtimeAt Hogg Middle School in Tyler, Texas, the luncheons are a popular activity, not only for lunch, but to check up on other activities and see the school community in motion.

One of Dr. Eddie Dunn’s priorities was to rebuild parent involvement when he became principal in 2014.  The lunchtime event, “Fall Into Razorback Country” was part of the initiative that involves parents during accessible hours, not just coming for a back to school night. During the lunch session, students entertained their parents who were guests of honor as the school gym was turned into a banquet room.

“Things like this and our open house we’ve utilized to tell parents we want them here and involved,” szaid counselor Kristin Carter said. “We let them know we really are a family.”

When parents who work evenings can watch children perform in the daytime, and come during lunch, parent involvement soars.  For the first time this year, the school PTA was able to elect officers and begin to plan activities.

At his previous school, Dunn was able to bring parent attendance at events up from 50 to 500. “It was an incredible, beautiful thing,” he said. “School is better when the parents are involved, students are better. That’s a reality.”

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