A group of Colorado superintendents met for sharing strategies for attracting quality teachers.

Sharing Strategies for Attracting Quality Teachers

The Public Education Business Coalition hosted a forum for the superintendents to fight high teacher turnover rates and share strategies for recruiting young people to join the profession in Colorado. The nonprofit coalition supports teacher training.

“We talk about having a talent shortage,” said panelist Rico Munn, superintendent of Aurora Public Schools. “Only in education am I expected to share the tricks of my trade with my competitors.”

Just in Denver, enrollment has increased 25 percent over the last eight years.  Growth has also occurred throughout the state.

According to a survey by the Learning Policy Institute, Colorado is at the bottom of the scale for “teacher attractiveness.”  The scale takes into account factors such as pay scale and working conditions.  Arizona and the District of Columbia have scored worse.

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Sharing Strategies for Attracting Quality Teachers