A group of middle school seventh grade students are tracking sturgeon with help from the NOAA.  Amesbury Middle School students are learning about the sturgeon who swin in the Merrimack River, with the help of SCUTES (Students Collaborating to Undertake Tracking Efforts for Sturgeon).

Students are Tracking Sturgeon With Help From the NOAAThe students met with Micah Kieffer, US Geological Survey research biologist at Lowell’s Boat Shop.  “I provide information that SCUTES educators use,” Kieffer said, “and I work as part of a carcass recovery crew. Anytime a dead sturgeon washes up, we get it and study it. My relationship with Lowell’s Boat Shop started when two sturgeons jumped into their boats. I came to recover the sturgeons. That’s how we met.”

SCUTES is made up of elementary and high school students and teachers, sturgeon experts, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries that cooperate to learn more about sturgeons, their behavior, and threats to them.

The goal of Lowell’s Boat Shop education programs is “to instill in youth a sense of workmanship and pride, foster a passion that will further the mission of LBS, and cultivate the next generation of stewards of our maritime heritage.”

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