Teamwork has been essential as students develop a manufacturing and design business in middle school.

Soft SkillsAt Guy Berry College & Career Academy, the student business project is known as Guy Berry Manufacturing & Design.  The purpose is to teach the students how to operate and run a business.

Sixth grader Sean Davis is the construction manager. He breaks down pallets, calculates the number of signs he can make from them, and plans how to measure and cut them. He likes working on the project because he likes physical work. “I’m learning how to measure the wood and cut it in the right angle,” he said. “It’s been pretty easy.”

Guy Berry Manufacturing & Design helps the students learn how to make and sell a product.  They learn collaboration and life skills.  Southern Tag & Label Inc. vice president Tami Barrow is an adviser. Southern Tag & Label has printed over 1000 business cards for the company, and donated pallets.

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