As the first students field test green screens for use in schools, they and their classmates are making it possible to transport learning beyond the classroom.

Students Field Test Green Screens For Use in SchoolsTeacher Jeanne Halderson was the first to receive a $1000 grant from the La Crosse Public Education Foundation to test green screens in the classroom.  Her students have been setting up shots and telling stories, showing interactions with animals and taking their classmates to far off destinations.

Some of the uses that students have found for the green screens is to tell stories, create comic books, and convince their classmates about different types of bugs to fill their science class zoo.  There are also ideas about using the technology to make their studies more interesting.  The foundation provided the green screens, but district information technology staff provided students with apps such as Green Screen by Do Ink so they could make digital creations.

“I like to learn new ways to do things,” Longfellow student Marissa Pickar said. “The technology makes our work go a little bit faster.”

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