Helping student learn about the financial realities of adult life is a focus of a financial literacy program offered in school by a community program. The future for some students is not as rosy as they had thought it would be.

Students Learn About the Financial Realities of Adult LifeCommunities in Schools of Mid-America hosted “FutureNow: Finance” for freshman and sophomore students.  Prior to the event, students completed a survey that described their lives as 26 year old adults, including salaries, family, homes and jobs. The survey also included how often they expected to dine in a restaurant or go to a movie.

After comparing their surveys with their current school performance, CIS assigned fictional jobs, salaries, and families.

“Their future credit scores and employment are determined from their current GPAs,” said Victoria Patridge, affiliate director with CIS of Mid-America. “The great thing is that this experience helps them see how their choices now can influence their future. If they aren’t happy with the future outlook, they can change the choices they are making now and change course.”

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