Having students learn to sew by making poppies for Veterans Day has become a great way to teach a necessary skill and allow for creativity and learning about history and remembrance.

Students Learn to Sew By Making Poppies for Veterans DayAlden-Hebrom Middle School special education teacher Melissa Leach loves to sew, and she was challenged to come up with an idea that she was passionate about. “I said they need arts and crafts,” Leach said. “Sewing is a skill they need to have. Forget about the creativity and fun and the all other wonderful virtues for a moment. If I taught them anything, it’s to keep an open mind on what you are learning. That’s my foremost reason for teaching.”

Leach’s enrichment program runs every six weeks and is open to all students.  By sewing poppies to show support for those who are military veterans, they are showing patriotism and learning a valuable skill. They are sewing the poppies from felt, and using pipe cleaners for the stems.

The poppies will be given to veterans at the school’s Veterans Day program on November 11.  The veterans will be treated to breakfast in the gym and performances by a military choir.

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