An interactive math project on a football field was an opportunity to have students of all ages create a special math project together.

Students of All Ages Create a Special Math Project TogetherScottsbluff High School students undertook the task at Bearcat Stadium field of creating the letters BMS using Bluffs Middle School students, who were photographed using a drone camera. High school math teacher Shelby Asberg said the class used a program, GeoGebra, to coordinate geometry and three dimensional distance in setting up the video. They worked for a week and a half to set it up.

The students took some drone footage of the field, so they could compute the dimensions and distances.

Future projects Aaberg hopes to do is make a search and rescue robot, and create a copy of the propeller off the drone using a 3D replicator.

“They all have differing levels of math performance so we want to give them some meaningful math credit where they are doing some hands-on projects,” said Aaberg.

For the project with Bluffs Middle School students and teachers, the students wrote a script for each persons actions, and applied the Golden Ratio to the project.  According to Asberg, the Golden Ratio is visually appealing and is used in Renaissance art.

“What they’re doing in this assignment is I’ve given them a picture of what we did and what they’re going to do is import this in GeoGebra and measure the length, measure the width,” said Aaberg.

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