Students researching the Holocaust using old newspapers are part of a national project which curates articles from American newspapers of that era in connection with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Soft Skills“Americans from all over are doing research and looking at how the Holocaust was reported in everyone’s communities,” said South Middle School eighth grade social studies teacher Yvonne Novak.

Student Chris Jahnke found an article from UW-Eau Claire’s newspaper, The Spectator, titled “Hitler — The Perpetual Menace to World Peace.” It was published in 1938. He found it in a collection of bound newspapers in McIntyre Library.

Novak’s objective was not only to have students aggregate articles for the museum, but to deeply research the history of their own community.

The museum has an interest in finding how local news covered the events of the Holocaust. “While scholars have extensively surveyed how major newspapers covered the Holocaust, local news coverage has not been heavily studied by scholars,” the museum said in a press release. “As a result, the database into which contributors upload these articles will inform both the development of the new special exhibition and research for scholars in the future.”

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