In order to find ways to make their school more green, a school club is having students take a waste audit of cafeteria trash to determine what can be kept out of the landfill.

Students Take a Waste Audit of Cafeteria TrashMembers of the Green Team club at Sky View Middle School sorted through cafeteria trash, performing a waste audit.  This gave them ideas on how to decrease the amount of garbage from lunch that goes to the landfill from their school.

The students spread a tarp in the back of the cafeteria, and set out 5 gallon buckets that were labeled for sorting aluminum cans, plastic wrappers, paper, and other items. Their teacher, science teacher Jennifer Hancock, overturned a 10 gallon garbage can and dumped out the trash onto the tarp.  There was not much, as lunch had not yet finished.  But the students sifted through the pile, picking out recyclable items and leaving food such as pizza crusts on the tarp.

Hancock says that Sky View does not yet have a program for recycling, and she hopes that the Green Team will change that.

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