Helping teachers learn how to go paperless with Google Classroom is just one of the goals for a teacher who has already mastered the art.

Soft SkillsIn Tulsa, Robert Cash  has achieved going completely paperless this year in his biology and advanced placement environmental science classes.  He says that Google Classroom allows him to better use class time helping students stay on track.

Google Classroom is a free online platform which provides unlimited space for student assignments, storage for teachers, and the ability to communicate and collaborate with other teachers.

Cash used the time he used to spend on making paper copies and handing out papers on more in-depth lectures. Teachers in Tulsa have had access to the platform for several years, but some have used it completely like Cash, and others hardly at all.  According to Leanne Pepper, the district’s lead on blended learning, much of the use depends on availability of portable devices and teacher training.

“I think one of the first challenges … is they’ve got to have devices in their hands to be able to utilize this stuff,” Pepper said. “Another challenge is getting teachers trained.”

Cash has worked with other teachers to show them how to transition from  “the traditional pencil-paper-book to Google Classroom, which requires none of that.”

“It’s such a benefit to both the students — because they’re more inherently engaged learning through technology in this generation — and then also, it’s great for the teachers, because they are able to keep track of all their data and performance in the electronic system and not have to worry about filing papers and passing things back,” said his supervising principal, Rachel Nicholas.

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