A traveling WWII museum is a teen’s project and passion, as he chronicles the experiences of World War II veterans .

Soft SkillsAfter acquiring some memorabilia of the era, Bejamin Mack-Jackson decided to create a showcase that could travel.  He is keeping the memories of veterans alive with his traveling museum of war artifacts.  He has over 100 pieces and the stories they represent, and he travels with them to schools, seminars, and veterans organization.

“I’m passionate about history in general, but each item has their own breath-taking story behind them, and I think it adds a lot to my presentations,” Benjamin said. “My goal from the very beginning was to teach my generation about WWII and give them a greater appreciation for our veterans. Having these items really helps them visualize what they went through.”

The project that 14 year old Benjamin launched two summers ago has recently begun to travel throughout the state of Florida. Some of the items that have been donated include uniforms, photos, patches, medals, helmets, flags, and hats.

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