Every fall, a seventh grade veterans project is personal for students, who not only research information online but see better understanding of the military experience by speaking with their grandparents, family members, and neighbors.

Soft SkillsEach student had the assignment to learn about a man or woman who was local and spent time in the service.  For most, it took a visit to a relative or tracking family history.  For others, they were assigned the name of a person to connect with.

Social studies teacher Steve Vain has organized the activity for two years.  He says that the purpose is not only to connect with history, but also to give students personal opportunity to recognize the real roles that veterans have had in shaping their lives.

Some students learned about veterans who have their names on memorials and buildings.  They learn that the deceased veteran is not just a name on a building but a hero who saved the lives of people by taking risks to keep them out of danger.

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