In an effort to encourage more women to enter technology fields, Westinghouse introduces girls to engineering through a series of mock trainings just for them in schools and at local power stations and plants in Pennsylvania.

Westinghouse Introduces Girls to EngineeringWestinghouse Electric Co.’s Introduce a Girl to Engineering program is designed to encourage girls to consider a career in one of the STEM fields.  In the mock training sessions, one of the problems presented is to have the girls create a device using tape, paper clips, wood slats, plastic cups and a lot of imagination and problem solving skill to retrieve a small item left inside a simulated nuclear power reactor.

The National Girls Collaborative Project, a Seattle nonprofit that encourages girls to pursue careers in STEM fields, has data that indicates that women are continuously underrepresented in engineering, science, technical and mathematical fields, especially in computer science. At present, women make up  only 29 percent of the science and engineering workforce, even though they are over half of the college educated workforce.  At Westinghouse, only 15 percent of the engineering workforce is female.

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