A new kitchen for life skills students means that the program for students with special needs can now be put into practice.

A New Kitchen for Life Skills StudentsThe West Greene School District has been collecting donations of kitchen appliances for students to use in the life skills program.  “Part of their curriculum is self-sufficiency,” said West Greene High School Principal Scott Sakai. “We’re teaching them essential skills that they’ll need beyond high school.”

According to assistant principal Jed Hamberger, the district received around $7,000 of donations from local businesses and the community during the past year.  At the start of the school year, the kitchen was finally ready for use.

“We get to do things that we never got to do before,” said one of the students who now wants to become a chef.

Life skills teacher Haley Bissett says the eight students learn how to wash dishes, how to cook, and how to understand kitchen safety.  Reading the recipes helps with reading comprehension, and measurements help with math.  The students prepared a Thanksgiving feast last month.

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