Kids move while they learn, and active learning labs help kids exercise body and mind.

Active Learning Labs Help Kids Exercise Body and MindAt Burton-Pack Elementary, two new learning labs were built this year.  They are equipped with mushroom chairs, and pedal desks. Students learn by physical activity, instead of sitting and listening.

Sitting still for long periods makes your brain sleepy, as elementary students know.  So now the kids can let out the wiggles in the activity labs.

“We need to pay more attention to the overall health of our children because that’s the determining factor to whether they succeed in school,” said Carol Watson, the school’s action-based learning teacher. “They have to be well-rounded.”

The school is the only one in the district to have dedicated learning labs.  There is also a “kinesthetic classroom” where a math teacher brings in students who need more focused help, and it comes equipped with pedal desks and motion chairs.

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