Fourth graders are learning about bringing literature to life with survival lessons, as they read a novel about a teen survivor of a plane crash and build their own shelters outdoors.

Soft SkillsAt Amity Creek Magnet School, fourth graders had an opportunity to test their survival skills. After reading the novel “Hatchet” where a 13 year old survives in the woods as the lone survivor of a plane crash, they built shelters at Skyliner Lodge.

To learn how to build shelters, children listened to Rainbow and Amara Dreamer, founders of Wildheart Nature School.

“I want everyone to put on their last rib in the rib cage,” Rainbow Dreamer said.  He was showing the students how to place a large support branch horizontally against a stump or tree, forming a backbone.  This was the peak in the roof of the snow shelter.  Then then children added “ribs” to the structure.

Then the children built the “flesh” of the shelters, adding layers of rotten wood and twigs, and finally snow.

“You are your most valuable asset,” Rainbow said. He told the students that when surviving, preserving one’s own energy is essential.

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