Three sixth grade girls in Seattle are the new bully busters, and they want to teach adults how to handle bullies.

Bully Busters“Being mad at people isn’t going to help,” said Lola Hurst. She and her friend Emma Coopersmith attend Seattle Girls’ School, and their friend Lilah Amon-Lucas attends Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences. They started D.C. Bully Busters, which encourages children to write to political leaders in Washington, D.C. about how to deal with bullying. The campaign includes several other students, and has a website. So far they have received about 70 letters from students.

The website includes suggestions for what the letters should say, and congressional addresses.  It also includes the three R’s of bullying: recognize, refuse, and report.

The girls have each been bullied. Lilah told a story about having been bullied by boys because she is a capable girl.  Several months ago in PE class, she was excluded from small groups being formed to kick balls by boys because she is a girl.  She got between two boys, and one threatened to kick the ball at her head.  It landed at her foot, she kicked it back, and said “Yeah, kicked like a girl.”

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