A teacher has discovered that the program Classcraft mimics role playing games for classrooms, and it is motivating kids across all areas of the curriculum, as their lessons are designed to reward them like Warcraft or Skyrim.

Classcraft Mimics Role Playing Games for ClassroomsDennis Reagle is an eighth grade science teacher at Shaler Area Middle School, and he has found that the role play games keep his students engaged and motivated.

“It gives the kids a real tangible reward for doing their schoolwork,” he said. “Some are motivated by grades. But for the ones that aren’t, this gives them something to grip onto. They don’t want to let their group down or they want to see what their character can do if they level up.”

Students picked one of three characters to start at the beginning of the year.  Their choices were a healer, a warrior, or a mage.  Each character has different skills.  Warriors get extra benefits on quizzes, healers have help with completing homework, and mages have a variety of special skills.  As with video games, characters gain or lose points depending on actions.  Missing homework, being disruptive, or not cooperating cost points. Performing well on an ungraded task, completing a lab demo, or mastering a complex idea results in points being awarded.

Students have action points too enabling them to cast spells on their character to gain abilities.  In addition to being engaged in the game, students are planning strategy for getting ahead.

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