A Kentucky school district has taken steps to ensure that classes continue at home when weather closes schools.

Soft SkillsThe program, which includes 40 of 173 Kentucky school districts, allows districts to avoid making up as much as 10 snow days.

“Our biggest motivation was that we felt like we were losing some good instructional days because of the amount of snow days that we potentially could miss,” said Maurice W. Chappell, assistant superintendent of student learning in Scott County Public Schools. “Extending the calendar into the summer was getting less and less effective.”

Districts conduct school sessions through non traditional means on up to 10 days when school is canceled.  Assignments are both online and pencil-and-paper. The district has to show evidence of student learning and participation.  Once the results are validated by Kentucky Department of education officials, the district does not have to make up those days. The plan also calls for accommodating students who do not have access to the internet and students with disabilities.

According to Chappell, the 8,800 students of Scott County Schools often miss more winter days than any other Central Kentucky district, because weather can be extreme in the northern end of the large county.

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