The Classroom 4 the Future initiative is having a positive impact on cognitively impaired students and their teachers.

Classroom 4 the FutureTammy Brown teaches 10 moderately cognitively impaired students at Woodland Developmental Center.  She finds that her perceptions of how a classroom should look are challenged, as the student’s disabilities vary and it can be difficult to know what they want.

She has learned to look at her classroom from the perspective of the students, as a result of her involvement with St. Clair County RESA’s “Classroom 4 the Future” initiative.

“Through working through this program, it has really opened my eyes to how my students can take more responsibility in their learning,” Brown said.

The initiative works with 13 teachers in the county to rethink their classrooms, using furniture and spatial arrangement that encourages professional skill development, engagement, and collaboration. In addition, the teachers have attended professional development sessions to learn how to use 21st century learning techniques.

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